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Extremity Reconstruction  & Microsurgery

Plastic surgeons use numerous methods to restore a patient's anatomy as close to normal as possible following cancer, diabetes, traumatic injuries and many other conditions. This may require dressings, skin grafting, local flaps or free flap surgery. 


Microsurgical reconstruction involves transferring tissue (a free flap) from elsewhere on your body to the area that you need it. A microscope is used to facilitate re-attachment of the blood vessels to allow the flap to survive in its new location.  

Dr. Power performs reconstructive surgery of the extremities and also has specialized training in microsurgery including:

  • Cancer defects

  • Diabetic foot wounds

  • Free-functioning muscle transfer

  • Limb salvage

  • Osseointegrated implant after major limb amputation

  • Replantation of amputated finger(s), limbs

  • Revascularization of the upper extremity

  • Soft tissue defects after trauma 

  • Vascularized bone grafting

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